The School of Continuing Education offers a wide range of professional diplomas in different fields in order to empower trainees with the professional expertise and skills needed in the labor market. Our diplomas include simulation tasks similar to the ones in the real-work environment. Employment seminars are held by the end of each diploma in order to facilitate the transition to the labor market. 

  • Translation from Arabic into English and from English into Arabic 
  • Data Analysis and Visualization 
  • SAP Associate Consultant
  • Data Analytics 
  • Big Data Analysis
  • HR Management 
  • HR for Non-specialists 
  • Professional HR vs. Routine HR 
  • TOT
  • Teacher Training for English Language Facilitators 
  • Teacher Training for Math and Science Teachers 
  • Teacher Training for Core Subjects (Arabic, Social Sciences, Math and Science in Arabic)
  • Using Multi-Media in Teaching 
  • IT and Gamification in Teaching 
  • Positive Psychology for Effective Teaching 
  • Sports Data Analytics 
  • Skills of Professional Sports Sales and Marketing 
  • Skills of Sports Manager 
  • Skills of Sports Assistant 
  • Developing M and E Plans for Projects 
  • Levels of Change: Output, Outcome and Impact 
  • Data Collection Tools Design and Validation 
  • Data Analysis
  • Self-branding 
  • Self-perception and Confidence