Why SCE?

The School of Continuing Education empowers its trainees with the practical skills needed in the labor market through:

  • Authenticity of training: Our courses and trainings are designed based on the labor market needs, in addition to the updated national and international competencies. Furthermore, the trainings are tailored to the target audience’s needs.
  • Qualified instructors: Our instructors have both academic background and professional experience; that is, all our trainers/facilitators must have practical experience in addition to TOT courses in order to join the distinguished team of our faculty.
  • Recognized internationally: Internationally like PEARSON, IMA, CISCO, etc. and nationally by the Supreme Council of Universities.
  • Adaptability: We believe that education is an empowering tool that has to be made available for everybody, regardless of age or geographical location. This is our courses are offered in different modes: Face to face, hybrid and online.
  • Empowerment and employment: In order to facilitate the transition from study to work, we organize a variety of employment fairs and events for our alumni, in which they get to be in touch with the labor market needs.


To be the most reputable, recognized, and first choice for the non-degree professional development programmes through providing practical, up-to-date and on-the-job trainings for the programmes with the aim of improving candidates’ employability prospects.


NU School of Continuing Education seeks to provide individuals and corporates with diverse, innovative, and empowering life-long learning opportunities promoting career enhancement, organizational excellence and a continuously developing community.