Free Online Workshop on Arabic Drafting for Media Professionals 


Free online workshop for media professionals

The School of Continuing Education at Nile University has organized a 2-hour free online workshop on proofreading for media professionals (press, radio and television) on10th of April, titled "Arabic Drafting for Media Professionals". 

Time: 2 Hours from 9:30 PM to 11:30 PM 
Workshop Topics:
1- Distinguish correct from incorrect structures based on what he learned in the workshop.
2- He corrects the most common mistakes he hears or reads in written texts and audio-visual programmes.
3- He applies some of what he has studied to the texts he reads, writes and delivers.
4- Analyze the reasons for making such mistakes in order to avoid them in the future.
5- Compare the most famous wrong methods and correct methods for formulating the same expressions.
6- He criticizes what he hears and what he reads while clarifying his point of view.
7- He discusses the written text in an accurate scientific discussion.
8- He develops himself in what he writes or pronounces, taking into account the rules of language.